Baldi x male reader lemon

accept. The question interesting, too..

Baldi x male reader lemon

Here we go a day off with a doctor! Chuckling and tossing the covers to the side you followed suit and quickly got dressed for the day ahead. Your land lord-along with everybody else-had evacuated long ago. The two of you had debated leaving too just because the nearest functioning hospital was in Y city but eventually the two of you decided not to-because it was too much work.

The car debate was pretty common for the two of you, though in the end nothing ever came of it. Days off with each other were always suspiciously calm. Monsters never showed up, Genos always seemed distracted, truthfully, the only excitement the two of you had on days off was trying to get to all the sale items in time before they sold out or the sale expired.

Please, for the love of God, go check this out. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Once you were ready the two of you started on your way to Y city. Show more notes. This is all for fun!

We are all verified because the house is like a host club. If you have any more weird suggestions feel free to ask! Like, normal ones.Summary: Just… just smut. Being an angel meant that Castiel had to learn the human emotions that came with staying in a vessel on earth for so long. Grief, unfortunately, was among the first feelings he was introduced to. Though, of course, that tended to come with being acquainted with the Winchesters.

The most recent human emotion he was experiencing was lust. Sam and Dean, being alphas, had barely been able to restrain themselves, opting to call for Cas to take you back to the bunker before anything bad happened. When Castiel arrived to take you, he immediately noticed a powerful, foreign sensation flow through him and his mind was filled with thoughts rather unfit for an angel.

He had immediately taken you back to the bunker before leaving promptly to figure out why he was reacting that way.

Although he knew you were an omega, and although the only reason he was called there was because of her heat, the thought that he was experiencing alpha characteristics had not crossed his mind. All he could think of was the sweet smell of your heat and how his cock had twitched at the delicious new scent.

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Of course, Castiel had not been unfamiliar with what lust was; he knew how the human anatomy worked, he had just never experienced it firsthand before.

Thoughts of you writhing underneath him with your pussy swallowing his cock had run through his mind vividly, even his wings had trembled, reaching out toward you to brush your thigh, trying to get close to your core. The knowledge of lust he knew of, but the actual feeling of it was relatively new and very powerful. Sam and Dean. He had enough sense to leave and figure out what the hell was happening to him before his mind got caught up in thoughts of you and how good you must have tasted right about then.

Images of him pounding into you and making you moan and groan had clouded his thoughts. It took only a moment to realize that he must have some kind of alpha coding in his grace, although that thought was soon overrun with more images of you, panting, moaning, riding him.

He started stroking himself greedily, thinking only of you and your intoxicating scent that had him feral. His strokes were quick and his hips slightly thrusted into his hand, his teeth baring.

baldi x male reader lemon

He immediately locked the bathroom door, shoving his cock into the toy, moaning as it took him in. He could only imagine what your pussy felt like, but this made it so much easier to do so. He pumped his cock into the toy, closing his eyes as he pictured you spread eagle, presenting yourself to him.

Granted, it was a pleasant thought, but Cas would never do that to you.But happens when he confronts you about your feelings in the kitchen? Smut ensues…. Warnings: Smut ensues with the cape of levitation getting involved… Read at your own risk for some smutty cape scenes with the Doctor himself. I wrote this to the song Starboy by the Weeknd ft.

Daft Punk. I loved Doctor Strange so much! Originally posted by julia-phi. You took the last can of coke from the fridge and headed back to your room, ignoring whatever the doctor behind you was babbling about. Most likely himself. Doctor Strange was lounging across the kitchen counter, blue eyes watching you intently. He looked like he was posing for a Playboy magazine in his tight blue tunic and red cape.

And here we go again you thought…. Doctor Strange or Stephen as he insisted you call him was trying his best to drive you crazy. You were sure of it. He must have known you had a crush on him ever since you blurted it to Tony Stark when you were drunk at a party. Surely someone had told Strange of your feelings only fuelling his already huge ego. You turned on your heel, glaring at the Doctor in front of you. So cocksure and big headed.

Masky x male reader lemon

His hand wrapped around your bicep pulling you back into the kitchen, the coolness of his sling ring on your skin. The scars on his hand were cool on your skin too, an unusual sensation. You swallowed, your mouth going dry. You turned your head away from him. Because you seem to ignore me all of the time and then when we do talk you run away as soon as it gets interesting or you snap at me so I snap at you. Man was his chest toned underneath your hands… You pushed harder.

Nothing happened. Strange put his shaking hands over yours, letting out a chuckle. You felt your cheeks redden. His blue eyes followed you out of the room - they seemed hurt.

baldi x reader

You opened your bedroom door, shaking your head. He knew.

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It was even more awkward than it already was. And this new found knowledge would only fuel his ego further. Your throat tightened as you tried to stop angry tears from rolling down your cheeks.

A red circle appeared in front of you just as you stepped into your room.

You were back in the kitchen, standing in front of Strange. He had used his magic to bring you back to him. The sensation was sweet - electricity flickering across your lips.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. Player manages to somehow turn Baldi's life into a world of misfortune. After using that BSoda on him once again Baldi attempts to change his clothes before class instead he gets a rather unsettling surprise.

Damn that Player! Baldi is new to this dating thing between him and his boss. So Principal of The Thing thinks of good way to 'help' his friend unwind. Player was still new to Here School, and worried about a lot of things; from doing well to fitting in, to even getting his teachers to like him and vice-versa. Of course, he made mistakes, but was hard working and very sweet. However, something weird was going on. An odd dream kept coming back to him almost every night; he was walking down a foggy and dark corridor, a monster and a shadow chasing him, before an angel with red wings lit up the hallway and warded the shadows off, keeping Player safe.

Every time, the three would be speaking in an other-worldly language, and some features of the beings were blurred and distorted. Having passed the entrance exam into a well-known high school, April had no other choice but to move to a city miles away from home. It wouldn't have been so bad if her only parent hadn't been an abusive step-mother who only cared about her achievements. Forced to say goodbye to her good friends and neighbors, she had to try and fit in everything that is completely unfamiliar to her - new city, new people, new enviroment, and it's a fact that no one knows what would happen.

But what she didn't expect was an encounter with a man, a certain teacher that could flip her life upside down.

baldi x male reader lemon

A new student arrives at Here School, but what no one knew was that this student had bad intentions She wanted to kill them all. You woke up in a strange place with a strange man standing over you.

Took you long enough. Welcome to the new show that is taking over. Mad house. Problem being,there will be something that'll turn them insanity and kill someone along with themselves. Now welcome our new players,care to introduce yourselves? Keith and Izuku want to raise their failing grades.

What are they to do but fuck their teacher for extra credit?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. You just arrived. You were new, untouched. You didn't know what was going on between those walls.

Public Bookmark. After the Player does some ill-advised file reassignment, waves of sentience ripple throughout the multiverse contained on his computer, and thus begins an epic adventure through nine ten? Yes, you heard right. Nine different indie games. The principal of the thing couldn't keep the teacher off his mind, and it annoyed him to all end. While at first the thoughts were just about his cute little face and his adorable laugh, it quickly molded into a sexual fantasy.

Something that made his pants grow tight and concentration lost. How could he work like this? Complaints are flying in, all about the exact same topic. The infamous math teacher, Baldi Baldimore. Every letter as complaining about his 'aggressiveness' and 'unfair grades', some even threatening a lawsuit.

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The principal of the thing has had it, and decides to take matters into his own hands. He has to get the message through Baldi You were just a normal person attending school; after all, who doesn't? The only difference is, you had a massive crush on your math teacher. Y'know, the one that slams his math ruler on your ass if you get a problem incorrect? It was that specific reason, amongst others, that you had it hard for him.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Hey guys, Kat here! You were laughing with Jean and Marco, who were your close friends for a few months now. You didn't meet them at first; you were pretty shy round people.

But that didn't mean you were pushed around or anything. If anyone pissed you off, then you would kick their ass. But you liked Marco and Jean, since they seemed fun to be round with. Jean could be a jack ass and up tight, but he did help you out and also made you laugh.

People said he had a horse face, but you didn't think so. You thought he was handsome and had a great smile. Marco was very sweet to you and kind, including his smile. Oh god, that bloody smile!

When you were down with training or anything, Marco would be beside you. When he smiled, it made you smile as well and happy.

He pouted and waved a hand. You were not the only one who thought his smile was perfect. You sighed and nod. You didn't like when he called you that.

You guys soon left, sneaking out so the others won't see.

Fell palette x reader x fell goth lemon

Jean leads the way, with you and Marco behind. You were nervous if anyone saw you, but at the same time excited. You looked up and blinked.

The water was so clear and shined against the moon light, with the trees surrounding you like you're in your own little world.

You then blinked, seeing Jean stripping off. He chuckled and grinned.Which means it is VERY innapropriate! It's based off of dreams I used to have about my Teacher. None of this has ever happened or is real! I wasn't perfect. I mean I got good grades and I kept my head down. Most people didn't pay much attention to me. I have brown hair and big blue eyes that are the reason I get the attention I do.

I'm average height with slender legs and average boobs.

baldi x male reader lemon

I wasn't that good of a girl. I mean yeah I've made out and I'm not a virgin. But there're a lot of things you find out about yourself in high school one of those is how far you'll go for a great fuck. I was new at MCW a Junior at that. I didn't know how much my life would change when I walked into Last hour Western Civics. I didn't notice him until I was seated in the back. He was pretty hot. Green eyes and short blonde hair, he was muscular and fit.

He wore jeans and a button down. His eyes met mine they were hard and demanding. He came off as a douche. I let my eyes go cold and opened up my books getting ready for class. I was in the process of taking notes when he walked by me. I caught the gentle scent of cologne and he leaned into my looking at my paper. So is that. You should try actually reading the section. Well it's wrong. Do it over. What a fucking asshole!

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We finished up class and left. The next few weeks went very similar. I was acing every class except this one. He was hard on my opinoions and called me out on everything.

He wouldn't leave me alone! It was a Wednesday when it started. He handed me back a paper that I'd gotten a c- on.


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